Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Site

11 March 2017

You made an awesome website with all new and shiny Javascript frameworks and it's been up for a while now, yet Google has not indexed your site. What could be wrong?

There are many possible reasons:

But what if it's none of them?

Straight from the horse's mouth

If you want to get insight into how Google sees your website, head to Google Webmaster tools.

From the left hand menu select Crawl -> Fetch as Google and click the red Fetch and Render button. What may happen is that you see something like this:

There is no useful feedback, it just looks like Google has failed to render your website. Is your website built with Angular or some other Javascript front end framework?

But Google indexes Angular websites now!

It's true, maybe Google just can't handle your awesome bundle of Javascript.

Dig deeper

You can get a better idea of what is failing by running your site through the open source prerender software found at prerender.io

Run these commands

git clone https://github.com/prerender/prerender.git
cd prerender
npm install
node server.js

And go to http://localhost:3000/https://www.example.com/ replacing example.com with your website.

Inspect the console for anything suspicious. What you might discover is that you are missing some polyfills, which can cause the renderer (and the Google one as well) to fail. Many polyfills can be found on MDN or similar sites.